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It is, perhaps, appropriate that the first entry in this journal concerns the (arguably) most publicly prevalent form of Punctuation Abuse: misuse of an apostrophe.

This comes as no surprise, I am sure, but what is most shocking in this particular case is the culprit!  I have a tendency (a very justified one, I daresay), to dislike the media's treatment of grammar, and do in fact blame them for the movement to supress the Oxford Comma.  But cynic though I am, I was yet truly horrified to open up my daily e-mail from The New York Times, begin skimming, and come across the headline, "New CD's".  And as visual proof, I offer the following:

They place the apostrophe so correctly and beautifully in the section title (assuming, of course, that there is more than one critic);  one would think that they would be able to manage accuracy one line below!  [And I'm so horrified by this, I can't even begin to think about their neglect of the Oxford Comma. ]
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